Surreal Audio

by Mayh3m!

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Surreal Audio is the fourth solo LP from multi-talented producer Mayh3m! Over the past 5 years he has been trying to put this album together while engineering and producing over twenty different acts in multiple studios. The idea for the album stems from the "Surrealism" cultural movement of the early 1920s that feature the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions (contrasts) and non sequitur (humor).


released October 16, 2012

Executive Producer: K. Denham
Photography: jsukphotos
Engineers: K. Denham, D. Morgan, C. Pierce. S. Tubaugh, O. Unger
Mixing: K. Denham, N. John, S. Tubaugh
Mastering: J. Fergus-Jean at Attackmode Mastering (Los Angeles, CA)



all rights reserved


Superb Entertainment Columbus, Ohio

In 2001 I decided to stop relying on others to make the music I wanted to hear...I begin to create my own music and started meeting people who enjoyed making music as much as I did. We started making music together and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Superb Entertainment ... more

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Track Name: Surreal (Intro)
i'd like to take this time to introduce ya
to some ole hiphop shit that you ain't used ta
ain't no braggin bout swagger i got skills
on the mic spit fire a dragon you gotta deal wit it
my meal tickets the lines that i spill lyrics
open up ya ears and listen real n_ggas will hear it
i'm tired of b_tches that's why my style sleepy
but i ain't dumbin sh_t down i'm stayin wild peep me
i write neatly in notebooks you wrote shook
now you got scaredy cat rhymes n_gga wit broke hooks
surreal audio you know it ain't that hard to flow
gamed ya girlfriend in a note and now she gargle bro
and this just the intro wait til i get warm
by the time you get settled in you'll feel the sh_t burn
don't mean to scare you i'll tell you that i'm a monsta
heavyweight dialogue sh_t my style is propa
imposters get hit by the rhyme droppa
overpowering lyrics from every line stomp ya
know you talkin that "this guy's gonna rap?"
in it for years i'm hearin "this guy done ya track?"
promote that bullsh_t's what i don't do
stand on the block wit full clip front you know that too
get in my zone and f_ck wit beats and melodies
get on the microphone and speak i peeped ya jealousy
don't act like you don't know bout me
spent many years wit pen and pad and this drum machine (and my hands)
so you ain't gotta take me serious
i do the sh_t i want don't give a sh_t who's hearin this...(well sorta)
Track Name: Dun rays
yeah.......uh huh
what up dun?.......(uh huh)
dun son?..(yeah)...(uh huh, yo)
...dun (uh huh)
dun dun (uh huh).....yo

i keep tryin to drink my milk
but i keep spillin it on my shirt
what's worse these chicken wing stains (i'm high)
just got off work i took a L to the face
just need brain and that would put me in a familiar place
i'm most creative in the morning
display it while i'm yawnin
in my notebook wrote hooks that got me paid but i ain't ballin (I ain't ballin)
don't need to worry bout what's up in my stash
you gets nothin you frontin catch a slug in yo _ss (n_gga)
this ain't no emo sh_t
but all you people need to get up off of kito's d_ck
i ain't got nothin to prove to you (nothin)
i ain't gone jump out the car actin all hard I'd rather smoove ya crew
where i'm from we don't fake that trunk pop
when outta ten n_ggas dun there ain't even one glock (what)
n_ggas gettin shot in these streets here
if you put me in danger know i'm not gonna be there


i ain't gettin out talkin
n_ggas blast if you want i'll smoke ya _ss without coughin
dishin all you raw like some burnt beef jerky i'll make you fall
when you see me in the mall don't disturb me (mission i am on)
mission i am on
mission i am on
aye yo dun mission i am on

muthaf_ckas better stop while they got a head
these n_ggas out here tryna pop fill you wit lotta lead
in this game don't got your name on your jersey
it just say random rapper number twenty-five gettin his back dirty
your tracks worthy to have not me on that bullsh_t
and you can sergi federov that thinkin that you'll spit
you underground but get ya flow out the trash can
i'm fresh one on one sixteen nothin blow out ya last man
and i got more than just height on you
so really yo it don't make no sense to say i might run you
you couldn't catch a cold outside butt naked
the mission i am one leave you burnt cause you don't bust nathan
don't wanna see ya chump _ss no more
you gone be cut off soon as i tell ya dad the score
bad more than mike with his jesus juice
tore up my tracks spit it right cause n_gga he's the truth


i ain't gettin out talkin
n_ggas blast if you want i'll have you outlined in chalk kid
ya friends and all them broads always all up on me because i'm raw
when you see me in the street don't disturb me (mission i am on)
mission i am on
mission i am on
aye yo dun mission i am on
Track Name: Good morning green (Featuring Byg Cheef)
my metaphors way better than yours
words personify true life
you ain't never gone score
this one whether the storm or sunshine
the sun rise
it sounds like you n_ggas ain't holdin ya gun right
got alarms goin off when you bite
oh everybody's on that
you playin footsie so much
that can't nobody run rap
and now you caught wit ya pants down
bout to take it up the duke shoot
so what's ya plans now
them n_ggas at ya record label ain't ya friends (yo)
they all tryna stick it to you
so they can make the ends
you just bait in a ocean full of sharks
and can't nobody spark
you shop at kroger for ya darts (you got a plus card?)
so stop talkin that dope sh_t
you ain't wrote sh_t
and no spliff of doja can show ya how to make flows sick
(you know this)
so don't spit
man you bogus
just stop rappin
you ain't makin a move
yo that is not action


(cheef verse)

Track Name: Western
(yeah... these pussy _ss n_ggas
tattle tellin muthaf_ckas uh huh
but yo...yeah)

i'm takin shots just like a i do at the bar
downin budweiser don't you say my crew (aint the raw)
you'll mess around and get struck down you ain't hard
don't even know why you think you tuff clown (i'm a star)
but still i gotta pay seventy four cents
to get a philly split it drop herb in it get more bent
know what i'm sayin hate f-in wit gas stations
ya girl wanna kick but i can't i got _ss waitin
them eight bars you spittin sound like straight garbage written
so cut it wit that fake mobster image
you make wrong decisions
get caught up in the game get chain now you're no longer livin (whew)
i ain't gangsta b_tch i'm not apache
i'm runnin wit that thang on my hip come try and catch me
you smokin coke and shovin crack up ya nose
and while you slippin on the d i'm to the rack wit those (feel it)

i ain't playin not a little bit
don't understand what you sayin cause you a little kid
i ain't on that little shit
you a b_tch that's why you runnin to mom so now who a snitch? (2x)

pull ya pants up tuff boy
and you don't got no heat that's just your hand in there gun toyin
bout to force me to advance on you
and you don't want this man right here to put his hands on you?
take to school ya crew
you must mistake me for mechanic pull my tools on you man...
i write rhymes and stand in the night time
and plan how me and my click can expand til the next lifetime
you spittin bogus you clown just stop
you're weak tellin lies try to focus my sound it rocks
tattle-tale yo you minds well be the five-o
snitchin b_tchin but claim you talk about survival
i spit murda (ya rap goes far) i spit a bit further
break in ya whip steal it then go and pick ya thick bird up
see you playin when you chiefin jamaican
eyes on fire when i puff (still we spot you)
you minds well be jafaican
Track Name: Retrogression
uh huh....yeah
yeah all these fake _ss n_ggas out here man
got this sh_t mixed goin backwards out here
n_ggas ain't makin no's retrogression

I'm writin wit ya padre's pencil
wit a stencil of his life give it to you
i'm monumental
boo you at ya charity event
that ain't music
it's what used to get ejected from decks
ya clarity is bent
i'll hit you from across the fence
wit ya elementary rhymes
tossin what you thought was hits
straight out the f_ckin window (mines)
they slit you open show whats on the inside
you couldn't duplicate my dialect (nope)
not even wit ten tries
you talk honest wit pennies in ya half ounces
how ya crew gone be throwin stones?
ya'll live in glass houses
ya whole styles in reverse
that's why you got ya arm around ya right hand man
goin the other way
hurt you retro dudes
that drive they pt cruisers
search for dead broke crews
that lie they wimpy losers
i'll bruise you from a distance bee
you been sleep so long
we've moved years ahead of you
now you tryna creep

(You goin backwards
and you can catch me slangin standin ovations
because i clap herbs (get em up)
that's my word ya popularity's increased
but you ain't got the heart to sequence a beat
it's retrogression) 2x

I'm movin forward towards ya reputation
but i'm coming from behind wit a shank
(unexpected lacerations)
wit sloppy heavy hands
you really don't stand a chance
i'm heavy minded
like i'm ridin in a chevy van
i'm on an astro-venture
what i gotta do to stop you from bitin
(confiscate your dentures?)
word i'm makin progress
you look a hot mess
i'm tryna get respect for my verbs
but you just not fresh
on blocks ses be gettin burned by the pound
but i'm a pyromaniac
earning props for my sound
you think your really hard
found out how to rip now you're really scarred
i'm sick of ya'll pretendin your dope
when you're just really f_ckin trash
can't cope wit phoney n_ggas make me laugh
feel me raw cause that's the only way Mayh3m!
could ever make a track
i hate the fact that corny actors ruin rap
goin backwards ain't the route that i'm takin
i'm goin through you cats

(chorus 2x)

(dj universe)
Track Name: Let me get some
these n_ggas is pump fakin i'm stayin home
all receivers are covered chump all in ya face is chrome
nickel and dime spittin the rhyme that you can't get wit
couple of blunts of that fire green to get splif'ded
no i don't fill the open hand i overstand (foes)
put they own face in the dirt they know that i'm the man
step no snakes in the grass see jake and let em pass
yeah ya record's gone sound like sh!t until i see some cash
you n_ggas rockin doo-rags to get ya waves right
i send mine to Cali to get mastered my wavs tight
i stay hype in this but conserve my energy
i ain't gotta fight or act tuff for you to member me
it's straight chemistry me and the beat go way back
i'm well versed in this rap sh!t i don't say wack (i don't)
and you can bet that's what's up
so quit tryna play Mr. Burns and let me get some

(won't you let me have my fun?
why won't you let me get some?
don't you make me grab my gun (don't do it)
why don't you let me get some?)

let me pinch some of ya sack take a sip of jack
grant me a stack so i won't have to give it back (come on)
ya man's ruder let me drive ya landcruiser
why these phonies act tuff i got ya fam googled
and no it don't be white in my peace pipe
(you want somethin from the store?) yeah give me a beast ice
cause yo i'm goin back to the brain
and when i'm finish wit my rhyme you'll be like "that n_gga's insane"
just give me somethin i like give me somethin that's tight
if you on my d_ck girl give it up or we ain't f_ckin tonight
give me unlimited whateva
a ride on ya bus but i'm not givin you my chedda
aww Barney got a gang now?
i knew from the start you had no darts you couldn't slang style
give me the rock give me a oop
give me smash 2 on 2 you gettin smooved


if i gotta sit here until my _ss hurts
whateva it takes to get my dough and make that cash work
i'm passed hurtin i'm dead broke no ends hope
i'ma get a hundred for that beat and it's three years old
give me the cables you ain't usin
not the sh_tty ones cause i ain't playin wit this music
and yeah i want whateva you cooked for dinner too
them old CD players give me that inner tube (you want that?)
where? i don't see rookies
give me somethin to roll ya blunt on (if you got em)
give me some weed cookies
you got somethin don't floss somethin (i'm like a skinny Debo)
everytime i'm come around i want somethin
come here give daddy a hug
i ain't seen you in like thirteen days come give daddy some love
let me get some get wit some
the pumas is phat where you get em from?

(chorus: 2x)
Track Name: Mernot solo (Featuring SinSay)

what i'm doin
you ain't even close to it
you like them suckas in the back row
bleedin from the nose (screw it)
you can't get wit who i'm wit
flows is what you never spit
all up in ya sh_t takin over
showin you how to rip
don't even got a clue how to rock
that flukey pop
that you be up in the lab makin is sure to flop
as soon as it drops
it's never gettin picked up
introduced you to knots
so n_gga pick ya lip up
you throwin fits like a two year old (man)
sit and shut ya pie hole
and do just like you was told
The Late Show
crew of n_ggas that's real
i'll punch a hole in muthaf_ckas
so i figured you'd squeel
so put a cork in it ass hole
i'm fakin round the back
you thought for sure i would pass though
and blast foes
get out my way or get smashed yo
the last time you spit on the mic
that sh_t was trash yo
Track Name: Accurate measures (Featuring The Late Show)



don't give a sh_t about ya rhymes
you take time to brag
don't come up missin
f_ckin wit me
can't find ya _ss
i got my mind on the counter
do you want performance guarantee
splash from the hash
observe what you don't give to me
(yo) but I ain't ya rhyme slanger
in time
you ain't nothin
still garbage
i had enough of ya mind games
and don't no one want none
at work little tee
they ask where i get my guns from
put that snare down
don't cut my hair now
don't f_ck around and get live when i get stares now
it's been like two million years
you still can't come close to the skill of any n_gga here
i'm ill rip it on tracks that bang
i still spit out my mouth on this earth
might come back for brain
wit out poppin you can't see it's fresh
you rock nothin
pull the plug out the wall
f_ckin wit TLS

Track Name: Buzzed (Featuring Keef)
my beats usually stay around the same tempo
all these freaks chasin me you stay around the same nympho
but she ain't givin it up
because you look like you're infected always twitchin and stuff (you got the germ)
i bet you wanna rip it like (like me) no
dope production i mc wanna be like kito
you started off on the wrong track
you should've did that one that sounded harder the raw track
your jaw tapped for spittin that garbage
i thought tomorrow with them bomb raps that's hittin the target (blouw)
feel the style when i build on ya mouth
i'm in the morning wit my mind on the damp lawn wit plans strong
down knocked you out you ain't rippin no more
foul overrated out dated wack verses that someone found (sh_t)
don't care what you did
and ain't nobody listenin when you try to spit

(chorus 2x)

these n_ggas is buzzed
we up in bernies drinkin gettin nothin but love
them shots of jack got me ready to fuck
we on a mission for them misses and a couple of blunts

you talkin sh_t smack a couple of thugs
these phoney n_ggas always buggin when we up in the club
but yo i ain't really on that sh_t
i'm smackin model booty while you leave wit a fat chick
in fact kid you ain't even hittin that sh_t
she just wanna smoke up ya dirt weed it's tragic
like magic my no-look dimes be automatic
i'll put my style in ya face i know you wanna grab it (let me get that for a second)
but no the force ain't wit you
so when you try to pose a threat you know the force will dismiss you
and if you even think you had one chance (that one dance)
i'm blowin off ya head and then i'm doin that one dance
don't make me end up in my gun stance
i'm quicker than mike vick in the clutch so you got one glance (dog)
some ranch in the boonies somewhere
there's 10 n_ggas sittin there doin nothin i swear (ha)

(chorus 2x)

it ain't that hard darts get shot at ya skull
you sellin wolf tickets rantin and ravin but you don't rock at all
look past the measley tracks you be makin
more impressed by the design on ya cover than what them raps be sayin
you think i'm playin but you don't know the game is over
hope you're used to gettin the short end of the stick
came in focus for a bit but to you it's just some other sh_t
some can rip a microphone but most don't even tear the edges
no fair we got more style than these mongruls
make you feel my 12 inch hit wit my vinyl or i'll stomp ya
i'm quick to conquer coward cats that can't adapt
ain't tryna hear ya work for an hour if you ain't phat (phat phat...phat)

(don't even know how to rock it)
Track Name: Remedy (Featuring Reason & Bruce Wayne)
(if you don't know my name
then i don't owe you none
and you can't call it
if you about them games
then i don't give a f_ck
and you can't call it

i got a dial to switch to fully automatic
i let b_tches have it
and i look cool wit out my pants saggin
i'm kinda different
i don't look like the rest
i got presence
i'm gifted
i'm not shook like the rest
and the last time you heard me rhyme
i had the same exact cadence
n_ggas hated
because the last couple words ain't rhyme
i don't even think twice about ya'll n_ggas
i'm bigga then that
lyrics phat and beats is raw n_gga
i go to work after some hen
a few L's
a couple bong hits
long as it's some funk I'll do well
that babbage put me in a place i don't wanna be
cause one to three blunts in a cypher
i'm feelin nothin bee
i'm livin comfortably
wit me and my team on the top
who wanna f_ck wit me?
not even the fiends on ya block
cause they don't know i rock
i'm hot but i'm not pop
i'm hiphop
i'm never gonna stop

(hook and chorus)

(no friend of me
wack emcee i got the remedy
no kin to me
see it's all in your delivery
i smell bacon
the jake in every body bidness
i ain't fakin
don't hate
just everybody witness
what i'm doin is surgery
yeah you ain't hip
most of you ya'll ain't heard of
yo this game lookin ill all in the streets
now it's my time grippin the wheel
i'm remedy)


(hook and chorus)

(bruce wayne)

(hook and chorus)
Track Name: Rhymes (Featuring Israel) / Hypeman
this n_gga knows and i don't powder wit cocaine
these suckas all confused they like a child in a grown frame
uncoordinated you look lost on the court
and wanna search for wh_res to bang but it might cost you ya worth
i run around in the night time i got the right rhyme (so all you)
slow n_ggas get left and now you bite mine
i wreck i be the first to have ya brain hurt
crept wit ya chick and then she let me check her brain work
super surgeon i'm hurtin she brought it out of me
workin for some erkin and jerkin you're not wild as me (damn)
feels like my energy is drained
i'm exhausted lost because my men can see the same
you wanna go we can take it outside
and wit the flow you know your gonna be just waistin my time (stupid)
you and ya crew kid you can wait til i'm high
i'ma scoop it what you do it gets mistaken for rhymes

you n_ggas playin on the mic
it's lame practice sayin babbage by the way isn't hype (don't rhyme)
i'm on a whole notha level
don't get caught up kid and have me blow a hole in ya leather (just rhyme)
{ya'll ain't sayin nothin right}
the same word wit the same word wit the same word wit the same word (don't rhyme)
i'm past these n_ggas (oouh)
so i'll laugh when you ask "whut's blast pull squeeze triggas?" (these is just rhymes)

there go 4:20 again
there go me in the lab i'm gettin money again
doin exactly what you n_ggas won't or don't know how to
why you tryna give me ya coat this ain't my house dude
first rehearse all ya verses until ya hearse journey
burn these bridges down b_tches drownin now are ya words worthy?
you ain't a pro but now you got pro tools
you still gone be makin that bullsh_t cause ya flow's doo-doo
you make garbage cake walk til you drop off the edge
shake marbles fake art til i pop off ya head
new window to see clear
i hear whut you spittin but it's gay cause the beat's queer
you n_ggas don't got rhymes
and the hood ain't listenin cause it ain't yo block's time
jock mine i been waitin to show you
i'm real wit this shit you been fakin i told you

fly union yo

i travel round the globe wit asr in my grasp
searchin for
other producers just to rap on they tracks
we should be stronger as a whole (stronger as a whole?)
they say we are
in the trap i see more mothers than before
we should all come together
and start a movement
everytime i tell you you say that is what you doin
but nothin's movin
and how would you feel if
i bumped ya tape and told you can't nobody groove to it
don't quit ya day job
you ain't equipped for this hear
stick to bein my hypeman
won't you get me a beer
Track Name: The ratio (Featuring Phresh)
little n_ggas
you wanna party wit stars
i got bars that make ya mother think a brother from mars
(wit her silly _ss)
i earned all of my scares
ill wit this red drum machine
that's why my beats always raw
(yours is really bad)
you're afraid of my mic presence
i'm on another level
don't get sprayed up wit my weapons
you talkin kinda fly but you ain't bringin the right message
and plus
i'm straight bangin in my section
so get that p_ssy sh_t out my way
or get wit my lectures
you wanna war
bring it on little tuff boy
i'll settle the score
and stick you up wit ya gun toy
and still they can't find
i'm home smokin a spliff
strokin this chick's behind bee
you know me
it's mayh3m!
i'm blazin
i ain't talkin buffalo wings n_gga

(three outta five emcees is mad real
three outta five emcees cop a deal
the two that's left over sell out a rap for Dru Hill
keep it real n_ggas
keep it real 2x)

(phresh verse)

(chorus 2x)
Track Name: Mega either one way or the other
resi spliff, roll it up
take a hit, like smokin charcoal
(on a ) dynamic, condenser, ribbon
i'll eat your heart whole
this art old
i been doin more than a decade
your shit ain't
in the same tank
don't get ya face sprayed
i maintain
to rock it wit confidence
on anotha level
ain't fake
you bumpin 2pacalypse
wit anotha bezel
mechanic shovel ya dig
now in the underground
my sound
it ain't nothin like what's playin on the radio
(here we go)
it's way better than ya dad's mullet
i do my thing and take the cheddar
out that fag's wallet (and i'll call it)
what' i'm sayin
this man's raw it's
somethin you ain't ready for
swallow it girl Mayh3m!
i might follow a girl gamin (and then)
after the pills and the bottle
i'm all famous
you all up in a girl's anus
and when she's had enough
she swallowin my panus

(i puff a lot of that lettuce
i hope ya momma's not present
i know ya father's a menace
but ill demolish ya parents 2x
i know ya father's a menace
but i'll demolish ya parents
i know ya father's a menace
but i'll demolish ya parent's)

it ain't nothin to do
whut you don't know how to
morse ain't got traffic like me
at six o'clock pm
you ain't nothin
ya crew
ya'll got the wrong style you
sorta like almost not wack
that shit is not decent
on the block
reason is plural
cause n_ggas don't read
on my jock
seein the barrel double
now don't sing
i don't bling
but i'll light up the night though
you rap about how much you got left
i got the right flow
but still all in the middle of raw backwards
and they applaud when i'm finish
i'm not a wack nerd
i got some sh_t to spit out
n_ggas is listenin
i write a couple songs everyday
i'm on that sh_t again
i'm mega either one way or the other
it don't even matter
leave ya son sprayed like ya brother
you n_ggas is waitin to get down
i ain't talkin about hangin
you layin all on the ground

Track Name: Break
check it
i'm razor sharp wit my rhymes
i slice and dice rappers
explosive techniques blow n_ggas up
you think you nice
fact is you way beyond wack
and you don't even know it
i'll kick a flow
increase ya heart rate
ya skills are bogus
the way i freak the style improve everyday
i'll smack you in the face tomorrow
casue today i don't play
i got somethin else to do
yo in a battle rhyme i'll melt ya crew
talk about ya mom's on a track
i deal wit hella dudes
straight on that other sh_t
politicin bout life
this sh_t is setup wrong for true n_ggas
you know i'm down to fight
the war is on so let my words be ammunition
bring ya pawn i got a bishop
i'm a king on a mission
wit the rhyme and plus the foundation
in the basement makin hits since way back when
word is bond
i'm bout to rock the nation
who's comin wit me
oh there's mad other cats
that try to rap
it turn out wack
producin mad f_ckin cats

(man i'm better than you
it don't matter
my sh_t is phatter
got a veteran crew
The Late Show
don't get ya back broke
f_ckin wit TLS in real life
or wit these rap quotes 2x)

tear the paper out the notebook
flip it over procede
to write my second verse
show you that the flow is so mean
the pen is bleedin
thoughts is linkin
ink appears on the paper
i write a rhyme wit my mind
ignite the fire in ya eyes
who's greater?
among the best of them
you don't even know
you comprehend my rhyme involuntary n_gga
the studies show it
take it who you wanna take it my man
in fact
you ain't gotta listen to me
that was the plan
in the first case
on the first don't even think about _ss
i'm on some other sh_t
if she's feelin me i won't pass
i'll knock the dust of that
now you stuck on a n-gga
that's why i stick to myself
don't give a f_ck i figure
i get what's comin to me
i sit and peep the scene
if i'm supposed to get it i will
no matter what (nahmean?)
the rhyme is clean
cause it's natural yo
ain't nothin added
kid one hundred percent pure
and factual

(chorus 2x)

no duplication
if i gave you my rhymes
you couldn't spit em out like me
cause you ain't got the right time
and plus ya rhythm kinda off
so when you mimmick me you soft
face ya fear
thoughts propel through ya skull
and knock you through the wall
where it's cool out
but yo i swear it's seemin like hell
i smell fools out
cause yo they f_ckin style is stale
i failed to mention that i passed every test
wit flyin colors that you hit me wit
you gassed like the rest
i got a little bit (but yo)
it's just enough to get by
the way i'm spittin out these rhymes
it's just a matter of time
for someone to hear
spread around the world instantaneously
i'm bangin beats straight out the basement
maintainin it's me
that n_gga known to rip ya heart out ya chest
i'll cancel out ya thoughts of love
and rip ya bones out ya flesh
i leave a mess
mayh3m! on the scene when i roll through areas
scared of us
cause we ruff
you and ya crew's inferior

(chorus 2x)
Track Name: Thank you (Outro)
it's mayh3m!

surreal audio

To all of my fans
hear in the bustown
all the way to japan
mom and dad
for startin a band
growin up in this music
now the mic in my hand (i gotta)
to my siblings for givin me
knowledge of self
could give a h_ll if no one's feelin my
them crews i rep
the dudes i rec
don't let nobody tell you different
you the best
for givin me strength to keep goin
even when i know the sh_t is a mess
i keep on
with the ocasional push
i'm grateful
grape shell full of amazing kush
(just to thank you)
plus that drank on me
you see appreciation
and think of me
for all of my ninjas
soon as we get on
we bringin all of you wit us